Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anxious to make different things...

While I'm still busy making Crayon Keeper Rollups for the craft fair (which is in about a week) I am really wanting to start making other stuff. I want to try a water bottle holder as well as a CD/DVD case for all the girls music CD's I have in the car. I've also gotten some really cute fabric over the last month or two that I want to perhaps make the girls a couple summer dresses. (I made one for Kendall a few weeks ago...I'll have to take a picture of her in it and post it...the pic I thought I had was on my cell phone.)

I haven't spent any time making any more belts or headbands (other than a couple I made to order) so it looks like my craft fair table will be primarily the Crayon Keepers. I do have about 70 of them...I'm gonna shoot to have 80 for the fair. I figure any that I don't sell I may post on Etsy.com, sell to friends or whatever. If I have time I'll make some headbands and belts...we'll see.

So thats all for now...

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