Monday, June 29, 2009

Fair update and wristlet bags

Wow...its been awhile since I posted anything here. The pseudo craft fair that I made all those crayon holders for was a bit of a bust. It wasn't actually a "craft fair" so to speak but more like vendors set up on the St Joseph's bridge trying to sell stuff to passerby's. Not the easiest thing to do. Plus, St Joseph's encourages employees to NOT carry I probably would've sold a handful more had people had cash on them...but its ok. It was fun anyway and everyone seemed to like them! I do plan on going to an "actual" craft fair as we get closer to the holiday season..
Anyway, the newest thing I started making is these wristlet bags. They measure about 7"wide by 5" high and have a handle that is about 10" long. Each bag is lined with a coordinating fabric and have interfacing to help them hold their shape. I've been selling them to friends/family for $10. They make a great, unique gift!

Here are a few pictures...

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