Monday, August 31, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...reusable bags!

I had seen these reusable bags before but had always wondered what people were lining them with to make them suitable for food storage...that is until a friend of mine showed me one that her husband had purchased online. I just took a quick look at it the other day and made some mental notes. Got the fabric and velcro I needed while I was down in Phoenix over the weekend and I made a test one last night...which I won't post.

But then I made a few more today...I was able to come up with a design based on some purse like bags I had made for the girls...

I made them in two sizes, 7"x5.5" and 7"x8.5" (a bit bigger than regular ziploc disposable snack and sandwich size bags) I intend to really only use these for the girls snacks (crackers, fruit, sandwiches etc) as the nylon fabric is only water resistant, not waterproof. These would not be suitable for extremely wet items plus the top just seals with velcro which would not keep items fresh for extended periods of time - like for more than a day I would guess.
But just think about how many plastic ziploc bags you go through with kids or if you take your lunch/snacks to work every day. If you had a handful of these around, you wouldn't go through quite so many!
I'll be posting more designs as I get them completed. I'm still trying to figure out pricing so check back soon for more info!

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  1. impressive tami! i wish i had your sewing skills!