Friday, March 13, 2009

Prepping for Craft Fair

So I'm taking my stuff to my first craft fair! I'll be selling my crayon keepers, belts and headbands at a craft fair my mother in law told me about on May 7th. Its down in Phoenix on the 3rd Ave bridge by St Joseph's hospital (she works right next to it) . She thinks that I could sell a bunch of crayon things so I'm going to do make as many as I can. My goal is to have about 100 crayon things (my mother in laws suggestion), 20 belts and however many headbands I can do by then. I should have enough fabric to do most of the crayon keepers, but might need to get some more "boy" type fabric...but we'll see.

So far I have 27 crayon keepers and 4 belts...