Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby steps...

Part of my plans for this year are to get more organized in all aspects of my life - including my sewing. So the first stop...all the great fabric that I use to create my stuff.

I used to keep all my fabric in one of those plastic bins - which almost always would inevitably end up like this:I know...crazy huh? But in my defense, I didn't have a dedicated sewing room or storage space. Plus we were preparing for a move. So we've moved and I've basically taken over half of the office. I grabbed this sweater organizer and thought it was the perfect solution for my fabric chaos. I'm very excited to be taking baby steps to getting organized!

Some of my boy & character fabrics
Blues, blacks and oranges
Pinks and browns
Polka dots and stripes
I still have a couple bags and or bins of fabric to go through but this is a start!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whats lunch without a napkin?

The past couple times I've taken my kids to the park for a lunch play date, both me and the other mom I went with, forgot napkins. I had all my reusable bags but didn't have a I had my daughter use one of the baggies as her napkin. Which gave me an idea...I need to make me some reusable napkins!!

They would be good for a couple reasons...the first, well they're good for the environment. Second, they won't blow away. I don't know about you, but I can't even count the number of times that my paper napkins have went sailing when there's a gust of wind. They will also be fashionable and absorbent!

After giving it some thought and looking through my fabric stash, I decided I wanted mine to be 2 ply. Use a designer type cotton fabric backed with some type of fabric. Today I picked up a few different types of backing and washed them. I didn't like the way the white flannel washed so I ditched that. The thick white fabric was pretty soft on one side but I felt it would be too thick once another layer of fabric were added. And so the third choice was a white sort of muslin type fabric that said it was oil and stain resistant...I didn't get the name of it but it seemed to fit the bill. So with that...I will introduce Paper Saver Napkins. (ok there is a theme here....) I had my oldest daughter pick the fabrics since these are going to be the ones we try out for awhile before I start offering them in my etsy shop. I will keep you posted.

This picture shows the front (brown) and back(white)
These are the 3 designs I made for our use...they are the size of a regular square paper napkin when folded like this.
When unfolded, they are 12"x12" The fork and spoon will give you an idea of the size...
This was the fabric my oldest daughter chose for her napkin. She picked the pink and purple for her sister!

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goal setting

So with the start of the new year I've been evaluating the things I want to accomplish. I know the best way to do this is through setting goals and writing stuff down.

Right now I currently have 2 hobbies...sewing and working out...yes, exercise. Both of these things have been something I've interested in for a long time and that I enjoy. I've been dabbling in both of these things for a couple years...but haven't taken either seriously as a business - they've both been a hobby.

So my goal is to turn both of these things which I truly enjoy into legitimate businesses over the next two years so that when its time for my youngest to go to kindergarten I will not have to go back to a 9 to 5 job. I want to be able to take my kids to school, pick them up, stay home with them if they get sick and not have to send them to daycare after school. With that said, I've invested in a Franklin Covey day planner and away we go. I have written down my yearly goals, and each month I have monthly goals/tasks to accomplish that will bring me closer to my ultimate goals.

This blog is specifically for my sewing "hobby", Its A Ten Specialty Creations. (I will be updating my fitness blog and getting my Beachbody coaching business going as well.)

So here are just two of my goals for Its a TEN...

List items on etsy (relist or add new) at least 5 times per week
Every month, add a brand new product to etsy shop

So in January I added these to my shop...Table Saver Reversible CoastersStay tuned for more...