Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crayon Keepers

So here is my first "creation" for Its a TEN Specialty Creations...oh and in case you didn't know, TEN are my initials (Tami E Nicholson) so everything on this site will be things that I have made myself...but not necessarily thought of. There are soooo many websites out there that offer step by step tutorials on how to make things. Those are quite helpful in getting ideas...then I usually make slight variations.
Crayon Keepers
These handy little holders will hold 16 regular size crayons and roll up nicely to fit in a diaper bag or purse. They measure approximately 16"x 5" unrolled with either a ribbon tie or elastic closure. No more loose crayons marking up the inside of your your child will love being able to pull each crayon out of their pocket, color and then put them back in their spot. Great for restaurants, airports or anywhere your child needs to be entertained!
Cost $5, plus shipping (without crayons) - if you'd like crayons the cost is $6 plus extra shipping charges. Below is a small sampling of the current fabrics I have. Check back for more...

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