Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scrappy Belts...

So here they are...Scrappy Belts!! The best part is that no two belts will ever be the same and with a variety of fabrics and colors in each one, you're sure to be able to wear these belts with many different outfits AND they are reversible so you're getting two looks in one belt! The price for these belts will be $15. (The buckles turned out to be more expensive than I originally thought since I order them online I have to pay shipping.) I've worn mine (the very first one I made) a couple times and have gotten great compliments!

These are size Medium (approx 42"-43")

These are a size Large (Approx 45-46")

Have tons of scraps just ready to be made into belts. So let me know if you want a custom belt...

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