Sunday, February 22, 2009

New style and belts

So I decided to try a new style of headband and think that I like it better than the first. It adds a couple steps to the process but still isn't too time consuming.

Then at our Fit Club on Wednesday, my friend had on a cute belt that she got a boutique downtown and paid like $20 for. After looking at it I thought it was something I could do. So decided I would try to create one. I've made 2 so far but haven't finished them yet. Yesterday I went to find some belt buckle sliders and after 3 different stores I gave up...after doing some research online, I ended up ordering about 10 last night. Hopefully they will work and I can keep making my scrap fabric belts! (I'll post my finished product once I get it completed!) These take a bit longer to make so I'm trying to figure out a good price...J thinks $15 - but we'll see how the buckles turn out. In the photo, mine are the ones on the outer edges...the one from the boutique is in the middle.

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