Sunday, March 14, 2010

I couldn't help myself!!

So while searching on a couple weeks ago for some buttons to use on my pouches, I came across a seller who sold some of the exact buttons I needed. But instead of ordering the buttons, the seller had the supplies to make these in her store....wristlet Key Fob keychains!! And now I'm addicted!

After the postman failed to deliver my first order (someone out there is enjoying my supplies...grrrr) the seller agreed to reship my order for the cost of shipping only. Which was awesome! I got my package and away I went...How cool are these?

I can't wait to use seems like I'm always just carrying around my keys or can't seem to find them buried in my bag. I'll be adding them to my etsy store soon!!


  1. Love them! I think that is a great idea!!

  2. Your key fobs are adorable. I love your shop and just purchased a snack bag. The fabrics you use are great!

  3. Oh you are a girl after my own very nice to meet you. Love your stuff!